Sunday, August 29, 2010

Green Juice Parties!

The party is hopping... the drinks are flowing.. seemingly endless pitchers of various tasty concoctions are making their way from the kitchen to the glasses of partygoers, who are only too eager to guzzle them down. After awhile, the drinks have kicked in... everyone is feeling good.. and it's .. DANCE PARTY TIME! Sounds like every party you've ever been to, right? Think again!

These are not your typical drinks and this is not your typical party. This is a Green Juice Party! The premise is this: partygoers (mostly raw food enthusiasts and those interested in learning more about this diet/lifestyle) each show up with a bag of their favorite greens. Enthusiastic 'mixologists' then take their turns at the juicer churning out delicious fresh juices of various color & ingredient combinations for everyone to taste. The drinks are tastier than you would expect & the parties are a lot more fun than you might imagine a party without alcohol could ever be. Best of all.. is the invention of weeknight (or any other night) partying & drinking, minus the dreaded HANGOVER!

Now there is an idea that I can get on board with! So, for that reason, Green Juice Parties will go down in history as my first Kupcake!! Stay tuned for many more to come.. (Kirsten's Kupcakes aka. all things I'm obsessed with now..)

Thanks for reading!


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  2. sounds awesome! I will have to check out the next one :)